SMDK2440 BSP complie Error on WinCE 5.0

i have installed WinCE 5.0 and SDK SMDK2440. As per the WinCE420_V1_2.pdf
installation manual, i have done the build pre configuration. during build
process i encounter the complier error.
error details are below. Please advise how I should proceed.

BUILD: [00:0000000000:PROGC ] Checking for \WINCE500\sdk\bin\i386\srccheck.
BUILD: [00:0000000001:PROGC ] SrcCheck exit code: 0 (dec).
BUILD: [00:0000000002:PROGC ] Compile and Link for ARM.
BUILD: [00:0000000003:PROGC ] Loading E:\WINCE500\PLATFORM\SMDK2440\Build.dat.

BUILD: [00:0000000004:ERRORI] Bad database entry: org - drv_glob.h 44 0
2ebd3f1c 210

Thanks in Advance,