Re: I am trying To USB Function as Usb Host Client Driver, Is It O

Thank you for the reply.
I am trying to load WinCE50 supported Serial function client driver to my
USB Serial device. I assume It does the same functinality as USB to serial
device functinality.
Hence I wanted to use that driver for my USB to Serial Device (Host Client
Driver for my device). Can i use it like that, if Yes What will be the
registry settings?

Thanks in advance.


"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

I suspect that this is the PXA25x driver for CE 4.2. If that is the case,
the VID and PID are defined in the code, not the registry.

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"Anvesh" <Anvesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Experts,
I am working with Armbased board with Intel PAX270 processor and WinCE50.
My BSP Supports both USB functioin and USB Host drivers.I am tring to load
Usb Serial Function driver for my USB to Serial device(my Modem).

I wanted to load USBFNSER driver(usbserialfn.dll) when I plug in my
How to load that driver for my Devcie. I need help on Registry settings.
I want to the load the usbserialfn.dll driver using my device VID and PID
Group info.
I don't want to use any Class OR Interface Group.

My question(s) is:
1) is it possible to load usbserialfn.dll driver to my USB to Serial
2) What are the registry settings for loading this driver to my device
PID VID information?
Your valuable suggestions are always appreciable.
Thanking you all.