Re: parallel port IST

In CE6, this really should only be in a driver (and it wouldn't be an
"application"; it would be a "driver"). We really can't give you a course
in writing drivers for Windows CE 6 on a newsgroup. If this is going to be
a big part of your job, consider investing in some training from one of the
vendors listed on the Microsoft site. If this is not a big part of your
job, consider investing in reading the help and maybe in Doug Boling's
"Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0", Chapter 17.

Paul T.

<vlat444e@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
HI. I'm writing IST for parallel port.
I'm using windows CE 6.0 and x86 platform.
IRQ for parallel port is 7 and it is statically
mapped to SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7 in init.c

My IST code is like this.

1. Create an event
g_hevInterrupt = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL);

2. Create thread in SUSPENDED mode
g_htIST = CreateThread();

3. Setting thread priority
CeSetThreadPriority( g_htIST, m_nISTPriority );

4. Call InterruptInitialize
InterruptInitialize( SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7, g_hevInterrupt, NULL,
0 );

5. ResumeThread( g_htIST );

My question is: where to put this code?

1. Should I create console application
2. Should I create driver application
3. Or it is possible to use parallel port deiver(put this IST code in

I read something from Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Preparation Kit in
Chapter 6 (Developing Device Drivers) but I can not understand clear.

Please tell me step by step how to solve my problem.
Sample code or useful link to start will be great help.

Thanks in advance.