Re: parallel port IST

Do you want/need it to be a driver, or can you work with it as an IST?

A driver would give you a means to use it in a general purpose way from any application, but is more difficult to write.

An IST is easy to write, but specifically allows you to access that hardware from that application only.

Sorry, but I can't take you step-by-step through the process, and I don't think anyone here would have the time!


vlat444e@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
HI. I'm writing IST for parallel port.
I'm using windows CE 6.0 and x86 platform.
IRQ for parallel port is 7 and it is statically
mapped to SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7 in init.c

My IST code is like this.

1. Create an event
g_hevInterrupt = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL);

2. Create thread in SUSPENDED mode
g_htIST = CreateThread();

3. Setting thread priority
CeSetThreadPriority( g_htIST, m_nISTPriority );

4. Call InterruptInitialize
InterruptInitialize( SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7, g_hevInterrupt, NULL,
0 );

5. ResumeThread( g_htIST );

My question is: where to put this code?

1. Should I create console application
2. Should I create driver application
3. Or it is possible to use parallel port deiver(put this IST code in

I read something from Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Preparation Kit in
Chapter 6 (Developing Device Drivers) but I can not understand clear.

Please tell me step by step how to solve my problem.
Sample code or useful link to start will be great help.

Thanks in advance.