Re: Will VS2008 target my CE 5.0 x86 custom platform?

You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the SDK now that you have VS2008
on the machine. There is a step in the installation of the SDK that loads a
COM object associated with Visual Studio and calls a method of it to 'add'
the SDK.

No, there's nothing special you need to do in the SDK roller to make Visual
Studio know about it. Note that the name of the target device is quite
likely to show up in Visual Studio as "<bsp name>", not "<project name>", so
be aware of that. If you're building against the CEPC BSP, for example,
"CEPC" will show up in Visual Studio.

Paul T.

"Ken Hill" <kenneth_hill@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I cannot get VS2008 to list my platform as a target. My platform SDK
was installed prior to installing VS2008.

Is there anything I need to do in PB when rolling up the SDK so that
it lists itself properly in Visual Studio?