Re: USB Serial modem class driver on Windows CE 5.0 - Milind

On Oct 29, 9:45 pm, EFIDude wrote:
Hi Milind,

I am trying to do EXACTLY the same thing you mentioned here.  Did you ever get it to work?  

Hope to hear from you,


I could make the device to appear as Modem. I took USB serial function
client driver from WM5 (you can refer USB serial class driver from
Wince 6.0). But as a modem, it should support AT commands. For this
you need AT command interpreter which is a part of Windows Mobile AKU
and has dependency on TAPI. But still you can write your own AT
command interpreter+modem link app which takes AT command from PC com
port and parses it and sends it to Modem port.


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