CE 6.0 SETPOWERMANAGEMENT display ioctl not working for VideoPower

Hi folks, i'm a display driver developer. Recently, ive seen that my a
user-app that uses SETPOWERMANAGEMENT display ioctl to change my drivers
power-state doesnt work properly anymore. (not sure if this happenned after
moving to R2 - but CE 5 works fine as it always has). When debugging my
driver, i find that the SETPOWERMANAGEMENT ioctl from app gets filtered thru
to my driver for VideoPowerStandby and VideoPowerSuspend. The VideoPowerOff
state doesnt get thru (with some middleware debug messages stating something
about this state is not supported). VideoPowerOn doesnt get filtered thru
also - but there is no message at all about what happens for this case. As
such, we can turn off the display but we cant turn it back on. I've found
that an invalid power state of '0' (zero) for the VIDEO_POWER_MANAGEMENT's
PowerState variable does get thru to the driver. This is odd, as its not a
valid state and yet when PowerState is VideoPowerOn, it never reaches the
driver. Can someone help me?