Re: Will VS2008 target my CE 5.0 x86 custom platform?

VS2008 works fine with my custom SDK for our CE5 devices (we have two
different ones), but, if I understand you, no, you'll still have to add the
new source files, .c, .cpp, .h, whatever to both your device solution and
your desktop solution.

Paul T.

"Ken Hill" <kenneth_hill@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have built a CE 5.0 custom platform and have exported and installed
the SDK for it. Everything works great using EVC 4.0 SP4. I
presently build the application for CE via EVC 4.0, and the same code
base is used to build a desktop version of the application to run on
Win32. I am using VS .NET (2002) to build the desktop app, but it
requires a separate set of project files that must be synced with the
EVC project files every time a new C++ module is developed and added

I installed VS2008 and VS2008 SP1 with hopes of using it to target
either platform from the same project files using different
configurations; however, the "platform manager" in VS2008 does not
recognize my custom SDK.

And advice on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.