>NET Compact framework 2.0 application is not running

I am working on PXA320 based platform. windows CE 6.0 is running on this. I
tried to run a simple C# application created using the VS2005 but it is not
running. i haven't get any error messages even in the debug build. I have
added the .Net Compact framework 2.0 and its OS dependencies through the
All the related DLLs are added in the ce.bib file. i found the cgacutil.exe
in the Windows Directory of the device ( i have seen the info in some other
But still the application is not running.

I tried the same pbxml file with different BSP ( PXA320 based BSP). It is
working on that BSP. I am afraid, is there any dependencies in BSP for the
..NET Compact frame work? if yes Please let me know the dependence.

i found an info regarding the changes in the CEProcessorType variable from
PROCESSOR_STRONGARM to PROCESSOR_ARM920. eventhough i changed the processor
type, the .net application is not running on my device.

Please advise me,
Thanks & Regards,