Re: createmui command problam

One collegue of mine has experienced this sort of problem due to the
workspace path which had a '-' charachter in it.
maybe it's your case?


Luca Calligaris

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Hi i did the thing what u wrote. I got empty multiui.bib file.
createmui 0409 comand output.

64 File(s) copied
Create MULTIUI.BIB file
File Not Found
Multi-Language UI creation complete.
may i know the problam?

Erwin Zwart wrote:
What does the dos build windows output saying? i assume you've opened
this build window in the _FLATRELEASE directory? If not in Visual studio
go into the solution explorer view, right click and select "Open Release
directory in build window". This will open this dos build windows
screen. If you run createmui there what does it say?

I did the same on my dev machine and it creates this MUI.bib file
without problems. Createmui.bat (which is called) is located in
<WINCEROOT>\public\common\oak\misc, so you can trace what goes wrong

Oh and one thing, the createmui bat file generates a small bug/typo. It
creates this entry in the mui.bib:

k.coredll.dll.DLL.mui $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\k.coredll.dll.DLL.mui NK SH

and it should be:
k.coredll.DLL.0412.mui $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\k.coredll.dll.0412.mui

Good luck,

Erwin Zwart,
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nagaraju_1024 via schreef:
before building os image i added mui support also. i am thinking problam
with plotform builder for createmui...but i don't know the exact
[quoted text clipped - 8 lines]
english) it's not generating multiui.bib file? I thought this
problam is
because of platform builder? any solutions to solve this problam?

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