Re: Can't run eboot.nb0.

Hello Brad and C.L, for reply.

I am sending you the EBOOT.BIB file configuration. In the file i over-write
the given below two line with the original values. because now i am trying to
read image from the nand-flash, So I do not need to increase the size of
eboot file.

EBOOT 8c038000 00080000 RAMIMAGE


; Name Start Size Type
; ------- -------- -------- ----
DRV_GLB 8c020000 00001000 RESERVED
BIN_FS 8c021000 00005000 RESERVED
RAM 8c026000 00006000 RAM
STACK 8c02c000 00004000 RESERVED
EBOOT 8c038000 00016000 RAMIMAGE
; EBOOT 8c038000 00040000 RAMIMAGE

; 16 MB area used to cache nk.bin while programming boot media.
; TBD: we may need to adjust to 01400000 (20 MB) to cache PPC 2003.
FLSCACHE 8D000000 01000000 RESERVED


; N.B: boot media block size aligned

; Name Path Memory
; -------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------

If there is any mistake in the configuration, plzzz tell me.

I also have another type of problem, that i want to write the image(bmp
file) into the nand flash in binary format. Can you plzz tell me the method
or any software that i can use to convert it into binary file format.

Thank you for your guidance and reply.

Bradley Remedios wrote:
On Oct 27, 9:38 pm, "shinewine via" <u42142@uwe>
The size of eboot.nb0 is near 300KB. because i add image files to displaythem
on the screen. Is there any upper size limit of eboot.nb0?

This depends on your platform and how the system is designed.

Some processors actually copy the bootloader out of non-volatile
storage to RAM and execute them there instead of executing them
directly from non-volatile storage. If that is happening with EBOOT,
then your limit will be defined by the processor itself, it may just
copy the first X KB of data, or it may read the size of the image from
a header.

If you have another bootloader that actually does the loading of EBOOT
into RAM then I would look at how much it's set / configured to copy.

Yes i change ROMSIZE too when i change the RAMIMAGE and i set 50000h value to

Perhalps posting your eboot.bib would help people determine if there
is anything really wrong in it. You will want to make sure that none
of your sections overlap as well.

  I also has another question i.e. Is there any other way to display/show
images without adding them in eboot. So that the size issue may be remove???

You could actually store the image in non-volatile storage, then EBOOT
would load it from non-volatile storage to RAM.

Potential ROM Map:
0x0000 - 0x50000 = EBOOT
0x70000 - 0x80000 = Bitmap to display

Hope this helps,


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