Re: MiniportPnPEventNotify with NdisDevicePnPEventSurpriseRemoved even

Although NDIS version for Windows CE is 5.1 Im not sure if it does require
the minport driver to implement MiniportPnPEventNotify: maybe your driver
code has been ported from the desktop?
Anyway NDIS would probably be notified of the disappearing of the device by
the bus driver (USB, PCI, ...) which handles the device


Luca Calligaris

"C.L" <CL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio
When ethernet card is removed unexpectedly, NDIS will send
NdisDevicePnPEventSurpriseRemoved event to miniport driver through
MiniportPnPEventNotify function.
My question is how NDIS know the ethernet card is removed? Does SDIO wifi
driver, for example, need to notify NDIS when SDIO wifi card is removed?

Thank you


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