Re: GPRS internet Wince5.0

Ecode = 619


The physical connection has been dropped unexpectedly. This error can occur
either because of hardware problems or because RAS connection negotiation
has been rejected.

You say that the unimodem watchdog timeout causes a disconnect. Do you know
what is suposed to trigger that watchdog so that it doesn't timeout? Is it
possible that the unimodem driver reads a different condition of the dcd
signal, so that it assumes that the connection got lost?

I don't know the USB API your modem is using, so I don't know how it is
announcing that it is connected.

Maybe a bit of debug messages in the virtual comport driver will shine some
light on the issue.

"Gull5227 via" <u47059@uwe> wrote in message
Obcd u asked me to handle all the Control signals, so i did so. i'v now
that my virtual com does a full control signal settings from modem to
and from dialer to modem.
But the problem is still the same i have mentioned in starting.
dialer dials number, verifies user, says "user authenticated" and the do
says "Connected"..
it stays there untill the unimodem watchdog timeout expires, and during
few seconds, i can browse internet on my device, then it disconnects by
giving the error message.
I have noticed the Retail message as:

"RASCS_Disconnected: Ecode=619

Can u please guid me where is the problem and how to resolve it?

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