Re: creating a new component

what do you mean with 'new FMD'?
If you've got a catalog file (.cec) for this new FMD you must import it in
the catalog;
if you want the item to appear under the BSP tree in the catalog you have to
modify the BSP .cec file
If you have simply a DLL you can include the module in a .bib file


Luca Calligaris

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Hi all,

I am new to the Platform Builder environment. I am working with CE 5.0.
am maintaining an existing, working, system. The system is in production,
that is, it is currently in the field.

I am attempting to add a new FMD to this existing design. At this point I
suspect the correct approach begins with adding a new component to the
current BSP. As of now I cannot figure out how to do this. I've poked
around in the IDE and I haven't yet encountered a menu item named
like "Add Component..."

Is there a better approach?

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