RE: Can't run eboot.nb0.

You can choose which COM port as the debug port in OEMInitDebugSerial()
You can store your logo image file in flash, not in your codes. Just add the
codes to read flash in eboot.bin, and then your eboot.bin will not increase
so much. Another advantage, you can update the boot logo when the logo image
is stored in flash.

"shinewine via" wrote:

Hello C.L, Thanx for reply.
Here are the answers of your questions
The size of eboot.nb0 is near 300KB. because i add image files to displaythem
on the screen. Is there any upper size limit of eboot.nb0?
Yes the debug of eboot.nb0 and nboot.bin is the same. How can i differ it for
eboot and nboot?
Yes i change ROMSIZE too when i change the RAMIMAGE and i set 50000h value to

I also has another question i.e. Is there any other way to display/show
images without adding them in eboot. So that the size issue may be remove???

Thank you........ waiting for your seggesion.

C.L wrote:

Is the eboot.nb0 size smaller than 200KB workable?
Is the debug port of eboot.nb0 same with nboot.bin? Maybe it does work, but
send out the debug message to different COM port. So you saw no any further
Do you also modify the ROMSIZE of boot.bib when you increased the size of

Hello friends hows you are?

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Thanx to all of you.


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