Re: brightness control using hardware buttons

Hi Luca Calligaris,
is it possible to remap the keys using application program?
suppose if i press kepad button 'a' it prints letter 'a' i will assign a
function brightness decrease function to the button 'a'...
if i press a button 'a' it has to call brightness decres function.
is this type of application development is possible or not?
if possible how to develop?

Luca Calligaris wrote:
This is totally HW/BSP dependent, anyway:

The keypad driver should signal the backlight manager when one of the two
keys (I suppose you will use
a key to increase the brightness, another to decrement it) is pressed, then
the backlight manager will add/dec
the brightness value. How to 'signal the backlight manager' depends on the
backlight manager itself: you can
use a message queue; you can use ExtEscape if the backlight is managed by
the display driver or you can
use DeviceIOControl if the backlight is managed by its own driver
Luca Calligaris

I want to control the display brightness by using keypad hardware buttons?
like if i press one button
brightness increases?

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