Re: createmui command problam

thanks for u r reply
ok. my default language is english i am also added korean locale for that i
used the command createmui 0412 .it is not generated the multiui.bib file?
my problem is not for default language ....for other locales i have to call
createmui 04xx ..normally that file generrate files to multiui.bib file...
this generation only the problam?

Luca Calligaris wrote:
I do not if it's your case but: if english (0x0409) is your OS default
locale you have not to (and you do not need to) call createmui for it; you
only need to call for the other locales

i am trying MUI based OS image building. while using createmui 0409(for
english) it's not generating multiui.bib file? I thought this problam is
because of platform builder? any solutions to solve this problam?

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