Re: kitl support at bsp

If you have no kitl function, but you still want to use Monte Carlo profiler
tool, you can refer to It introduces
you how to use Monte Carlo profiler tool with CELOG.

"Luca Calligaris" wrote:

If you're running Windows CE 5.0 or previous versions, take a look here:
For Windows Embedded CE 6.0:
In the latest, KITL is implemented as a DLL while in previous version it's
linked to the kernel and OAL.
Check in %_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM dir to see how KITL is implemented for a
similar BSP.
KITL will typically use the same low level functions that are used by the
bootloader to interface with
the ethernet adapter (or whatever other HW you use)
Monte Carlo is a profiling tool while KITL is a transport layer on which you
can thye debugger, the remote tools
form platform builder, etc.
For generic info about KITL:


Luca Calligaris

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I have a bsp which don't support kitl. so I need to add the function to
which guide should I follow to implement it?
and monte-carlo is same as kitl? The concept is confused at me.