Re: debugger command line

Thanks for responding Paul. Actually I am running Platform Builder
7.0 under Visual Studio 2008. My desktop is connected via active KITL
over Ethernet to an ARM11 device running Windows Mobile 7.

I can examine registers and set breakpoints through the GUI but the
functionality seems restricted. For example, I can't figure out a way
to set a breakpoint at an offset inside a function. I can only set
the breakpoint at the function start address. I assumed that the GUI
was built on top of a command line interface and maybe the command
line interface offered more control.

You shouldn't be able to use Platform Builder 6.0 with VS2008 at all, let
alone for command line debugging. In any case, though, no, I don't think
that there is a command-line version of the kernel debugger in Platform
Builder and, also, no I don't recall anyone else ever asking for that.

Paul T.

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