Re: Compatibility issue

You don't seem to understand how this operating system development stuff
works. Windows CE is not *an* operating system. It's many, many different
operating systems, configurable for any device running a supported
processor. In order to take hardware that worked with CE.NET (version?),
and build an appropriate operating system based on Windows CE 5.0, you'll
have to port the board support package that you used in CE.NET to work with
CE5 or create a new board support package for your hardware that works with
CE5. The help covers what you have to do in either case.

Once you have the BSP, you'll have to build an operating system
configuration (select what pieces of Windows CE belong in the OS for your
device), in Platform Builder, and build that configuration, targeting the
board support package that you ported above. That built operating system
should at least start running on your hardware (although you might have any
number of problems with interrupt assignments, wrong drivers loaded, etc.)
At that point, you should be able to use the kernel debugger in Platform
Builder to capture the debug messages from a DEBUG build of your operating
system and figure out what's going wrong, if anything.

You haven't given us enough information to even begin to suggest what
specifically might be wrong for you... No debug messages, no idea of what
your hardware is, etc.

Paul T.

"HamiltonCusin" <HamiltonCusin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Everyone....
I have a device that ran with windows CE .net. My company is thinking
aquiring windoes CE 5.0 or later. So i used the downloadble version to run
some tests on that device. The device is an Advantech PPc105t. When i
the image with Platform Builder 5.0, the device starts, but then screen is
blank and nothing happens. so I tested with the original image file (which
assume was created with platform builder 4.2) and it works. My question
is this possible, or am I dreaming? Am I doomed to use 4.2 forever?
I am new to windows CE, that's the reason for this type of question..