Re: .NETCF 2.0 Issue

In addition to Javier's suggested method of checking whether you actually
have .NET CF in the OS, did you do a clean sysgen of the OS after adding
..NET CF from the catalog? Are you using the default registry built into the
operating system built that way or might you be using an old registry on the

Paul T.

"Suresh" <Suresh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am trying to run .NET CF 2.0 application on windows ce 6.0. I have added
the neccesary components (sysgen_dotnetv2, sysgen_dotnetv2_support) from
catalog item. If I run the application, it is not working. It is not even
giving any error message in the display or in the debug port. I tried the
debug build also, but that also didn't give any debug messages when the
application is opened. I am trying this on PXA320 based platform. I am
testing only sample .NET application which was defaultly created ny VS
can you please help me regarding this??




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