Re: LNK2019 Error

On Oct 24, 6:04 pm, Raj <pandeyra...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is a testapp and I am trying to port it on WM 6.1.
I am getting this link error LNK2019 even though I have included the
"prsht.h" in my source file.

The same app is compiling and linking fine in VS2005 and I checked in
that the VS SDK has this lib "comctl32.lib" and I searched this lib in
entire WM tree it is not there.

I am sure it is the problem with the library.
Has anybody ever came across this problem?

Appreciate any sort of help.

It will be easier for people to help you if you provide more details
such as the actual error output etc...

LNK2019 = undefined external symbol so it means that you've defined
something that doesn't exist (or one of the header files you've
included defines it.) I have no experience with WM but CE itself has
commctl.dll not comctl32.dll. Are you sure that whatever API call
that you are using is actually present in WM? Not all API calls that
are part of WIN32 on the desktop are available to Windows CE/WM.

If you need more help, you'll likely have to provide people with
information such as which symbols are actually un-resolved, how you're
building your project, any changes you made to include path/lists and
library path / lists.