Re: Wave Recording

I have changed the settings of wave formats by permutation and combination.
but still it gives bad format error. I used 8khz,11.025khz,22.050khz and

"Luca Calligaris" wrote:

If you do not specify any parameters in the command line waverec defaults to
mono 16 bits/sample @ 11.025 KHz.
Are you sure that your audio controller supports this format? Probably it
does not, so the bad format error.
you can try different settings specifying them as command line arguments


Luca Calligaris

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I am using iMX31 PDK board and using Windows CE6.0. I am working on wave
recording. The is a demo recoding executable file (waverec.exe). When I am
trying to run this exe , WaveInOpen() returns 0x00000020 which indicates
wave format.

Please help me.