Re: where are the CESYSGEN variables defined?

Many thanks for your explanation. That link looks quite informative.

"Bradley Remedios" wrote:

On Oct 24, 11:05 am, jhendrix58 <jhendri...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
bit of code that depends on variable named NDFMD_MODULE_NDFDM

This cesysgen conditional looks like:
[various statements redacted]

I understand that NDFMD_MODULE_NDFDM must be defined before I can expect
this conditional to fire.

Where should such variable be defined?

You can add it as a catalog item so you can select your component from
the Catalog. The sysgen will then get added to your build when you
select the proper catalog item. You can even have the selection of
one catalog enable other catalogs as dependencies.

In Windows CE 6.0 this is very easy, you simply open the appropriate
catalog with VS2005/PB and add your properties in as appropriate.
MSDN has very good documentation on this.

For CE 6.0 see: