Re: Do I always need an SDK in order to build drivers?

"Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" wrote:

This means that a version compiled for ARM
should work on all ARM platforms. No need to recompile against the
device SDK every time.

I just wanted to add a comment that there are different variations of
processors. For example there is the Thumb extension for ARM. I noticed that
if I have an SDK built for Thumb, I cannot use that to build a generic
non-Thumb ARM driver because it won't link with the libraries. But that's OK
because I'll just create a generic driver based on a non-Thumb SDK and I
presume it will run on any ARM system. For the case of SH processors, I don't
know. But that's less common and so doesn't really matter much.

Regarding the ARM emulator, I think that's probably more useful for
applications. I'm not sure how useful it can be when I really need to test my
driver with the actual hardware device. Although I will take a look.