Re: where are the CESYSGEN variables defined?

Thank your for your quick response.

In this case the variable is not standard. I am trying to create a new FMD
for our system and I desire to use NDFMD_MODULE_NDFDM as the variable for
cesysgen conditional statement.

So in this case I am trying to define a SYSGEN variable for my specific

"prabu.jem@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

If it is a standard SYSGEN variable then check in following file

and also check for the definition in the ceconfig.h which will be
present in the Release directory.

Prabu Kumar

On Oct 24, 11:05 pm, jhendrix58 <jhendri...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi All,

bit of code that depends on variable named NDFMD_MODULE_NDFDM

This cesysgen conditional looks like:
[various statements redacted]

I understand that NDFMD_MODULE_NDFDM must be defined before I can expect
this conditional to fire.

Where should such variable be defined?