Re: Free WAV 2 MP3 encoder / PPC2003 / WM5 / WM6

On Oct 23, 9:28 pm, Dmitry <dpol...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All,

can anybody help me with MP3 encoder library for Pocket PC ?
(PPC2003 / WM5 / WM6)

i need some free library which is able to convert WAV 2 MP3 frame by

I am going to use Lame, but afaik this was not ported to CE yet, so i
will have to do that on my own;
Is there any free library, ready to use on CE platform ?

Thank you very much in advance,

mad is another library that you can use that uses integer math for the
decoding (instead of floating point like a lot of the other
libraries.) Mad is under the GPL unless you want to commercially
license it (Lame is LGPL.)