Re: Fast performing Timer APIs in WinCE...

So you're saying that the timer is affecting how fast you can read/write?
That makes no sense (to me anyway). I don't think we have the full picture
of what you're trying to do.


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<kamali.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am looking for Timer APIs in WinCE6.0.I need to start a timer
with some timeout value and i need a callback to be signalled after
the timeout value expires.We need to use these timer APIs in our
storage driver .Since it is a driver we cannot use the Timer APIs like
SetTimer ,KillTimer as they are application timers and require a
message loop.Thus we went in for using the timer driver APIs (Mmtimer
library) like timeSetEvent() and timeKillEvent() but on using them the
read/Write performance of the storage driver is bad even after
disabling the cache manager.Is there any other timer APIs which would
speed up the performance.I would really appreciate if someone could
help me out.