Re: HalAllocateCommonBuffer & MmMapIoSpace problem

Thank you Paul,

your solution was my first version of the driver.

It manages dma, qci and i2c to get frames from a camera. Some
measurements made by a test application showed that instead of 15
frames per second (the maximum speed at which the camera acquires) I
get only 8.

I think it was caused by the copy of the 600 KB from the dma buffer to
the application buffer, so I decided to share the dma buffer. Now the
application shows the images at full speed.

But, with the debug version of the os, I found the logs of my previous
message. It seems that Hal... and Mm... are not the correct functions
to use, but I do not know what other memory management api I must

Usuallly debug checks are warnings about something getting wrong, and
I would like to know what it is.

Can you help me?