Re: GPS Control panel Application

I do not know the test app you have seen (I've no WM installed) but GPSAPI
in native code are pretty simple and effective to use: create a dialog with
a bunch of LTEXT or EDITTEXT controls and fill them with the data you get
from GPSGetPosition.
If you want to perform specific configuration steps for you GPS device you
can access it using standard serial port API's on the serial port exposed by
the GPS Intermensiate Driver multiplexer


Luca Calligaris

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On Oct 23, 10:19 am, "Bruce Eitman [eMVP]"
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I think that the point of Luca's post was that we don't know anything
you or your skills. You are asking very vague or general questions.

From what you are telling us, you are capable of creating a control panel
applet and you have some code that does what you want to do, but it is an
application written with MFC. What is the problem? Start moving the code
your control panel applet. Is it going to be so simple that you can do it
in a day? Probably not, but if you have any skills with Windows
you should be able to do it.

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Help about...? Creating a control panel applet? Take a look


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Hi All,

Can anybody provide help?

Actually I am going to develop an application that will use the GPS to
calculate the positions,will be able to work as an a-gps,standalone
I am working on WM6.1.
I want this application to be as a control panel applet so that the
user can go to settings->system->GPSapplication and that will show
options for user settings,operation settings etc.

Appreciate any help.

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Thanks Luca,

I went through the control panel link that you sent me.
I already developed a control panel application for displaying the
version info of my image.

I have seen this code for GPS application in my WM tree and it is a
test app and seem to me like they developed this app using MFC so the
initialization of app,creation of windows etc are completely different
than what we have in our control panel applets.

Is there a way I can port that MFC code to control panel applet?

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Thanks for the help Bruce.I am trying to compile the code after
Yeah you are right not a day's work coz I have been doing this for 2-3
days now and still needs to resolve few more compilation errors.

Thanks anyway will defintly post if stuck for long.

T Pandey