Re: Display driver power management

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My view is that this is an interesting requirement that was probably created
by someone who didn't want to do the work in the application.

Is it safe to assume that this is not a general purpose computer, but
instead will run an application in kiosk mode (full screen, no access to
other applications or the desktop)?

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Here i have a very tricky question.
I m trying my best to implement to display driver that it only sends
data to display, when if image in wince frame buffer has changed.
here i would like to know this generic question
If no new blits is received from the GDI,then we have to intimate
kernel to enter sleep mode.??
Let me know your views on above scenario... how to find the correct
functions in GPE classes. to get to know the blit changes.


Yes, what you suggested can be done.
Give me your ideas how to go ahead with the above scenario.