Re: Do I always need an SDK in order to build drivers?

Thanks for such a quick response! I have been using Platform Builder 5.0. I
do have PB 6.0 but haven’t set it up yet. I will do so, though. I don’t know
if my driver built for CE 5.0 will run on CE 6.0 or vice versa. But I guess I
will find out when I try it.

I do have a follow-up question though if you don’t mind. How about Windows
mobile? If I build my USB scanner driver for CE, will it run on Windows
mobile? I don’t have any sort of Windows mobile development platform. (True,
many devices that run Windows mobile are so small that they don’t usually
have USB host support, but some do.)

Thanks again.

"Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" wrote:

Are you using Windows CE 6? If so, CE 6.0 comes with an ARM emulator,
great for testing.

Your USB scanner driver is built on top of the USB Stack. The USB Stack
itself takes care of any hardware specifics, so your USB Scanner Driver
is generic for all platforms. This means that a version compiled for ARM
should work on all ARM platforms. No need to recompile against the
device SDK every time. This is of course assuming (as you already
stated) the target kernels have all necessary components in there.

Good luck,

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