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Help about...? Creating a control panel applet? Take a look at


Luca Calligaris

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Hi All,

Can anybody provide help?

Actually I am going to develop an application that will use the GPS to
calculate the positions,will be able to work as an a-gps,standalone
I am working on WM6.1.
I want this application to be as a control panel applet so that the
user can go to settings->system->GPSapplication and that will show
options for user settings,operation settings etc.

Appreciate any help.

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Thanks Luca,

I went through the control panel link that you sent me.
I already developed a control panel application for displaying the
version info of my image.

I have seen this code for GPS application in my WM tree and it is a
test app and seem to me like they developed this app using MFC so the
initialization of app,creation of windows etc are completely different
than what we have in our control panel applets.

Is there a way I can port that MFC code to control panel applet?

T Pandey