RE: WINCE Power management

"SetDevicePower" will limit the device driver's power state. See
GetNewDeviceDx function in pmdevice.cpp for detail.
From MSDN, applications should avoid using this function because it greatly
restricts device power self-management. They should use the
SetPowerRequirement call instead.
"SetPowerRequirement" will require a minimal power state for the device.

"Kiran K P" wrote:

I have implemented the power management for USB HCD driver.
I have implemented the IOCTL_POWER_CAPABILITIES, IOCTL_POWER_GET and the
IOCTL_POWER_SET in the driver.
When I start the system the device is enumerating through the
and also i am returning true from the IOCTL_POWER_CAPABILITIES when
success.My problem is ... I am not able to call the IOCTL_POWER_SET from my
application always.
I have used the SetDevicePower API from an application and the call
succeeded to my IOCTL_POWER_SET once. But the next time onwards I am not
getting a call to my IOCTL_POWER_SET portion in the driver. I tried using the
DevicePowerNotify also. These APIs return 0(SUCCESS) but i am not getting a
call in the driver. COuld any body please help me on this?
Please let me know how to pass call to the IOCTL_POWER_SET from the
application successfully when ever needed

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