Re: fmd.h cannot be found

What do you have INCLUDES set to? fmd.h is not provided in the "system
libraries" since it is not a library. It is a header file, which is part of
the block driver, so INCLUDES must include the path to it. Setting that is
something you must do in your sources file.

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"jhendrix58" <jhendrix58@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just entered a new job and I am starting to learn platform builder.

My current mission is to refactor the code an existing, working flash file
system such that it uses an FMD.

In my skeletal fmd I have the following code:
#include <fmd.h>
When compiled it generates C1083: cannot open include file fmd.h: no such
file or directory.

I am confused. I would have believed that fmd.h would be provided as
of the system libraries. What must I do?