Bluetooth Network Adapter

I am using Windows CE 6.0 and successful use my bluetooth network
adapter for pairing two devices and sending data over it.
After restarting the device, I still see the paired device inside
"Bluetooth Manager". The device appears without cross and with a tick
(means paired and active).
Although, there is no bluetooth network connection. Looks like that
bluetooth doesn't repair/reconnect automatically after restart?!
If I delete the "known/paired" device inside Bluetooth Manager and
repair/reactivate it again, my network is working again (I have to
pair again, deactivating and activating isn't enough!).

1. Has anybody an idea why this happens (or is it normal) and how I
can automatically reconnect at rebooting the device (is there e.g. a
service/sample application)?

Another problem:
2. During the scan for new bluetooth devices, some devices have a
"question mark" symbol at the left side (instead of a corresponding
service symbol)! For me it looks like a distance problem! Is this
normal or what does this mean?