Re: GPRS internet Wince5.0

Thanks again obcd:
I have tested my settings and way to connect via winxp sp2 using same modem, same settings, n same Provider. so its not the error from their end i think.

The "ZONGINTERNET" parameter is also right as i got it from the provider and already used is on Winxp

As u said...
Another issue could be the DTR line. If that changes it's state........

I am already thinking on it mean while as i read ur post. thank u, but sir, i
am not fully clear with the idea of CTS, RTS DTR. etc. would u please let me
know the proper sequince of such flow control commands, can u guide me that
when modem says im CTS, who n when says RTS, and at the point, my sequence is
stopped (Befor connected) at this point, either the modem is supposed to
issue the DTR signal or PC sends it to the modem?
This is i think where i have the problem, so please can u guide me some
logical aspects of the issue?

Actually my modem company did not provide a VCP (Virtual Com port driver) for
my modem device for WINDOWS CE Plateform, they just provide a driver they
call USBEXPRESS driver, which is given with LIb files and API's to
communicate with the modem programatically,

I developed an application which creates a virtual com port in WinCE and then
handles all the data sent to the com port (Forwards it to modem) and replies
from modem (send them to WINCE any Appl/dialup).
As wince dialup uses COMx to connect to modem for dialup support, my
application provides a bridge b/w UNIMODEM support of WINCE and my physical
GPRS modem.

Now thanks to u to sort out that my problem is due to Control commands, (flow
control might be). I didnt handled them correctly, now please can u guide me
the procedure this makes this Virtual serial communication possible fully
with all the control signals? what should i add in my VCP application?
Thank u. Im waiting for ur reply. Thank u once again.

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