Re: USB CDC driver?

Hi Rob,

I am new for USB CDC Driver. Can you give some way or steps to
write this driver? As you used Printer sample driver for starting point, so
in this CDC role is host (controlling CDC devices) or a device(acting as a
CDC device when connected to a PC)?

I want to try USB Modem on PXA270 in this scenario Is it possible to me to
take Printer code as a sample code?


"Rob" wrote:

I wrote such a driver, used the printer sample as a starting point.
Basically it consists of 2 bulk pipes, and handling of the SERIAL_* IOCTL's

For receiving you need a receive thread, reading bytes in a blocking way,
there is apperently no bufferring in the underlying layers, so if you call
read periodically, you will miss data.

Kind regards,
Rob van den Bergh


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