Re: GPRS internet Wince5.0

Thank u obcd.
I had already done to the changes in registry,the reset commande ATZ to AT u
I know that i must then show "Connected" but it do not shows even a hour is
passed, my credit drops, server authenticates the user, then the Connection
can not be established i think, here, at the point where it stops. I tried to
open internet explorer as well as msn messenger, but both were just
disconnected which shows that the connection is not established at all.

Then it is so much confusing that service provider's Log shows iv been
connected again n again, also some credit drops from my sim account on every
attemp i made. and sometimes the some IP address is also asigned to my device.

im a bit confused with the things that after user authentication, what is
left in the connection process?
the command
Here, i thought for a time to change IP to PPP as wince used PPP to make WAN
connections, can any once give help to this too?

and plz someone guid that what is going wrong in my GPRS internet dialup
connectivity which stops at the message "User Atuthenticated"

** I had changed the watch dog timeout in the platform builder as it was
stated by some blog's help. Is it the right step?

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