Re: GPRS internet Wince5.0

The last message you should get is "connected"....

At that moment, what do you expect it to do more? It should provide you
internet access over your GPRS modem, the same way computers used to make a
connection with a dialup modem when broadband didn't existed.

Make sure you change the modem reset command from ATZ to AT. When the modem
receives ATZ, it forgets all it's settings. (It's a registry tweak.)


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Hi everyone

I have attached a BENQ GSM modem to my windows 5.0 device through a serial

Iv configured all the settings,(Modem works only at baudrate=19200) and
when i dial up using myconnection. It seems to work fine, opens port,
connects to the device, dials service number (*99***1#), then it says
'Authenticating User'. Then 'User Authenticated' and then:
After the message, User Authenticated, the dial up do not do anything for
hours, I think is gets connected n a single step is beyond it AS my GPRS
service provider's LOG ive query about, shows that i was connected to
internet service, Also their server gives my device a valid IP address at
user authentication time.
Can someone help me out, where n what is the problem.,

My dialup settings are :
Baud rate=19220
Stop Bits=1
Flow Control=None

Extra setting command

Phone Number

Can some one sort out what the technical problem is? please let me have
help to solve it.

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