GPRS internet Wince5.0

Hi everyone

I have attached a BENQ GSM modem to my windows 5.0 device through a serial

Iv configured all the settings,(Modem works only at baudrate=19200) and
when i dial up using myconnection. It seems to work fine, opens port,
connects to the device, dials service number (*99***1#), then it says
'Authenticating User'. Then 'User Authenticated' and then:
After the message, User Authenticated, the dial up do not do anything for
hours, I think is gets connected n a single step is beyond it AS my GPRS
service provider's LOG ive query about, shows that i was connected to their
internet service, Also their server gives my device a valid IP address at the
user authentication time.
Can someone help me out, where n what is the problem.,

My dialup settings are :
Baud rate=19220
Stop Bits=1
Flow Control=None

Extra setting command

Phone Number

Can some one sort out what the technical problem is? please let me have some
help to solve it.

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