Re: Does OEMIdle will affect the speed of usb data transmission?

On Oct 21, 8:31 am, "jack toshi" <zho...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I implemented the OEMIdle funtion on S3C2440 CPU with PB5. The power was
saved evidently, but when I used the devce as a USB Mass Storage through USB
Slave port, I found the transmission speed was very low, and the whole
process proceeded off and on.

Is there anything should I pay more attention about the S3C2440 on OEMIdle?

I don't know anything about the S3C2440 but you can check the
1. Check the time it takes for the system to enter idle and leave
2. Ensure you are waking up for the next wakeup time
3. Ensure that you are waking up in time for the reschedule time.