Re: Mainstone PcCard + PCMCIA + KernelIoControl = ?

Have you implemented IOCTL_HAL_REQUEST_SYSINTR in your OAL? This allows the
kernel to map a particular IRQ value to a SYSINTR.

Dean Ramsier - eMVP
BSQUARE Corporation

"MSCENV" <mscenv@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am working on getting a PCCard driver working for my platform. Using
the Mainstone Pccard driver, I have run into a problem when using a
Socket serial card.

The registry entry for the Pccard has a "ClientIrq" entry, but it does
not have a corresponding entry for the client (Ready) Sysintr value.
This causes a debugchk in Pccard\mdd\pcmciaen.cpp when the driver
calls RequestSysIntr\KernelIOControl looking for a sysintr value for
the ClientIrq value.

How do I resolve this?