Clone SkinnableUI

So, I'm trying to clone a catalog item, specifically the SkinnableUI. There
are documents on MSDN that show how to clone by right clicking on a catalog
item, and Michel has a great post on how to clone items that don't have that
option (netui):

But I'm trying to clone the SkinnableUI component and it doesn't fit any
documentation I"ve found so far. There must be an easy way to do this, I'm
sure I'm just missing something.

When I follow Michel's blog and use the sysgen_capture -p common
skinnableui, it returns an error. If I try and copy a single component from
the skinnableui folder, like gcacheview and run the sysgen_capture -p
gcacheview, I get an error saying:
BUILD: [01:0000000028:ERRORE] NMAKE : U1073: don't know how to make
BUILD: [01:0000000029:INFO ] Stop.
BUILD: [01:0000000030:ERRORE] NMAKE.EXE TargetExeFiles -i -c BUILDMSG=Stop.
NOPASS0=1MAKEDLL=1 failed - rc = 2

Sorry if I'm asking the obvious, but I'm lost here. From everything I've
read, this should be so simple, and yet I can't get it to work.