Can a touchscreen driver be written as a user mode driver?

I'm embarking on a new project which will use Windows CE 6. We have a kernel
image for the SBC we are using. I need to add a touchscreen driver (TI
TSC2003 touchscreen controller).

I was hoping to avoid building my own kernel on this project (to save time
and money). From what I can tell, it seems like the touchscreen driver needs
to live in the kernel. Before I spend time (and money for the BSP) I figured
I'd check with people who would know.

I've used Platform Builder for a different project, so the time I'll save by
avoiding the kernel isn't huge. But the project is short and tight on budget
so I'm looking to save time wherever I can.

Is this something I can do as a user mode driver? And is it a good idea?


Steven Bass
Intertech Engineering Associates