Re: Add Drivers to OS desing

Hi Bruce,

I've fonund a document about "installing the USB comunication-bus driver on
windows CE" from the device vendor. The procedure is the same I had tried but
it doesn't talks about modifing the registry entries. It only tells that I've
to deploy 2 files (usbharv.dll and cpl.dll) to an area that windows Ce will
automatically search when trying to find the appropiate drives file for the

I've copied both files on my BSP\FILES and I've add the entry on project.bib
as modules.

After doing what you told me I've laoded the new nk.bin to my board. But I
doesn't works yet. It continues to ask me for the device driver name...and I
try to write it but obviously it tell me there is an error...

Is the Windows CE's DLL search path correct?

I've to load the "include" file too...I've found how to do it from command
line but how can I do it from Platform Builder?

I've actually search for these items on MSDN documentation but it doesn't
specifies too much...

Thank you!!!

"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

You need to get the registry entries from the vendor then.

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"San" <San@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Sorry...I'm too new on Windows CE and drivers network

I'm not sure about which registry entries I have to setup...I only have
dll file
and there no information doc about modifing registry entries...could you
give any directive??

Thanks in advance! I've read some post in your blog...It's really helpfull
what you do...