Re: splash window through E-boot

once you used eboot to flash the image, how do you boot the flash image? the
bootloader on the flash should show the splash image: how to do it is all at
your side; you probably would save the bmp file on the flash (using JTAG or
the bootloader itself); the bootloader will init the display controller,
read the palette from the bmp file and copy the image on the display frame
the x86 BIOSLOADER does basically what you need, reading the bmp file from a
FAT storage; taking a look at it will be useful (of course you have to add
all the display management code for your HW)

Luca Calligaris

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Hello friends,
I am working in smdk2440 BSP. I am burning image into the nandflash
through ethernet. Now i want to display any image in the LCD before the
(NK.bin) run when the board is restarted.

I don't know what steps and where the changes are required.

can anybody tell me the steps in proper sequence. and what functions
required to change.

Thanks to all of you.


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