Re: Supporting AT Commant and Data Call from PC

On Oct 17, 1:30 pm, Rob <R...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know the details of your "usb Modem classs Driver", but I would
expect that to handle this (?).
AT commands are transferred over the same datalink, after "escaping" from
the regular datastream (I believe by sending +++ or using a control-signal).

Check the implementation of your driver, to see if this is handled.

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"Arun" wrote:

We are working on Wince 5.0 device, and want to use the device as a
Modem to PC.

My BSP supports serial usb Modem classs Driver and gets detected as
Modem on PC.

Now, I want to send AT Commands from the PC and initialize the modem
and make a Data Call.

What things should be implemented on the device side to support this?
Are there any references?

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Hi Rob thanks for the reply.

Right now, the path is established between the PC and my target device
using usb as a modem.
and Im able to send/receive AT commands.

My question is, what needs to be present/implemented on the device to
add Data call support?
Is Tapi required? How is the Call established and the response sent
back to the PC?