Re: USB Client Driver loading in WCE 5.0

On Oct 19, 3:30 pm, "Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" <mic...@xxxxxxxxxx>
Looks like you're confusing USB Function with USB Host.

What does "plug this device into my bsp" and "unplug this device from my
bsp" mean?

A BSP is a board support package, it is a set of drivers and low level
kernel code that is used as a layer between the OS and the hardware.
Plugging something in a BSP doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Tell us a bit more about your system and we may be able to deduct the
correct terminology from your situation.

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tpande...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,
I am working on integrating a 3rd party USB Client driver integration
into our BSP.
I have never worked on USB driver before.I have the registry keys
given to us by third party and that tells like it is a client driver.
I went through the msdn about it but could not get much about it.
I got to know that these drivers should be loaded by USB EHCI driver.

When I plug this device into my bsp I see as USB_FN and RNDISFN driver
unloaded and USB_EHCI and USBD loaded.I am not sure what should happen
next coz I didnt see any other debug messages.

When I unplug this device from my bsp I see as USB_FN and RNDISFN
driver loaded and USB_EHCI and USBD unloaded.

Can anybody help?

T Pandey

I am sorry about my terminology Michel.I know about the BSP and I
should not have used this term for plugging and unplugging.
I meant plugging and unplugging the USB device into my Phone device
that I am working on.

And the rest of the story remains same.I was told that EHCI will read
the registry entries for this driver when it will be plugged into the
phone device and will try loading that but I don't see any other debug
messages except the one I told above.

T Pandey