Re: SEC_COMMIT usefulness in CreateFileMapping API

Windows CE does not use a page file, which means that non file-backed data (such as a memory mapped file without a base file in the filesystem) will never be paged out to disk.


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curious1 wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to understand importance of SEC_COMMIT section attibute when using CreateFileMapping API to share mapped file between two processes.

I am using hFile as INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE. which means no file is created in filesystem, so file will will be mapped into memory directly. How can I prevent this file frombeing paged out of memory and in case it is paged out, will the OS save this somewhere on filesystem ? How will this work if I have not given a valid file handle (basically no file exist in filesystem) ?

please help me understand this. I truly appreciate your time ...

thanks !

HANDLE CreateFileMapping(
HANDLE hFile, LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpFileMappingAttributes, DWORD flProtect, DWORD dwMaximumSizeHigh, DWORD dwMaximumSizeLow, LPCTSTR lpName );


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